Zipp Carbon Handlebars

The Zipp range of carbon handlebars for road race, triathlon, track and time trials

There are three mid range priced models from Zipp when it comes to carbon handlebars: the SL, the SLC2 and the Contour. These cover use for climbing, Sprint, triathlon and longer all day racing.
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Zipp SLC2 Handlebars

Zipp SLC2 Handlebars
When it comes to sprints and triathlons, where stiffness contributes to stability and speed, this handlebar fits the bill and can also be used with Aero bar extensions like the Vuka clip.

To get strength for sprinting, the 31.8 mm diameter of the clamp area is continued an extra distance along the bar and the laminate around the area is strengthened to handle clip-ons.

The Zipp SLC2 also has a vibration absorbing technology to help ride quality. It's available in 40, 42, 44, and 46 cm widths and weighs 190 g.

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Zipp SL Handlebars

Zipp SL Handlebars
This is one of the lightest carbon drop handlebars available at 170 g, as a result of its very minimal but effective design.

In combination with its stiffness this makes the Zipp SL Carbon excellent for climbers. Despite its simplicity, this bar has taken four years to perfect including many redesigns of the carbon laminate construction and this has resulted in it passing EFB laboratories top racing standard.

It's available in 40, 42, 44 and 46 cm widths.

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Zipp Contour Handlebars

Zipp Contour Handlebars
This bar is designed specifically for all-day riding comfort and aerodynamic performance, particularly its aerofoil shaped top.

There's a subtle oval shaped cross-section on the hook of the bar which is also designed to help stage riding comfort.

Available in 40, 42, 44 and 46 cm widths, the ZIPP Contour weighs 190 g.

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Models & Prices

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