Ritchey Carbon Handlebars

The Ritchey range of carbon handlebars for road race, triathlon, track and time trials

The Ritchey range is divided into four specification levels starting with the Superlogic models which are a recent development and are the top carbon handlebars with no compromise design. Next are the WCS (world championship series) bars which are well established in pro racing.

Derived from these is the pro range, which is designed for serious competitors who want the main benefits of the top designs but without the pricetag. Finally there's the Comp line, which is the entry level handlebar.

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Ritchey WCS Carbon Logic Handlebars

Ritchey WCS Carbon Logic Handlebars
The Ritchey WCS Carbon Logic handlebar also features monocoque construction with an extended centre section for clip on bar attachment.

There is a 2 degree flare the drops and an R65 bend to give more arm clearance in sprints. Cables can be hidden well as there is a deep groove in the stem. The Carbon Logic bar weighs 190 g.

Other carbon models available online include the Ritchey WCS Carbon Curve and the Carbon Steem.

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WCS Carbon Evolution Handlebars

WCS Carbon Evolution Handlebars
The Ritchey WCS carbon evolution features a monocoque construction with an ergonomic upper section with 3 degree sweep back. Stem and brake mount areas our standard for reduced slip and clip on bars can be used.

There are four widths for customised fit, with the narrowest having reduced reach. All the Ritchey carbon evolution bars come in at a weight of 220 g, except the superlight SL version at 190g which uses unidirectional carbon.

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Ritchey Superlogic Handlebars

Ritchey Superlogic Handlebars
These are top specification ultralight carbon models and include versions of the Evolution and the Logic II handlebars.

The Superlogic Evo uses an ergonomic upper section will accept clip-on bars and it has a moderate drop at 131 mm, with a smooth transition possible to levers. Stem and brake mount areas are sanded to reduce chances of slip.It's available in four widths at a very light 190 g.

The Superlogic Logic II derives from the WCS version and has varying reach and drop depending on the three bar widths available, giving a high level of customisation. Again it's a very light bar at around 190 g.

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